What Is the 10th Annual Puttin for Pepin Golf Tournament?

The annual puttin for Pepin golf tournament is a yearly one-day golf event designed to help raise money for the activities of the Pepin Academies and Pepin Academies Foundation. During each event, dozens of golfers gather to compete for prizes and entertain guests. The event raises tens of thousands of dollars each year.

The Pepin Academies Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization launched in 2008 to support the activities on all Pepin Academies campuses.

These tuition-free charter schools help students in third-twelfth grade with learning disabilities. They also have a transitional program for students aged 18-22, helping them learn meaningful life and work skills.

This year’s event occurred at the Avila Golf and Country Club, Avila, Tampa, FL. Life Guard Imaging is both a sponsor and a participant in the games.



Why Life Guard Imaging is Partnering with the Pepin Family Foundation

The mission of the Pepin Family Foundation is to improve the lives of families and children in the area through healthcare and education. They work with partners and experts to serve children and young adults with learning disabilities.

Additionally, the foundation is committed to eradicating heart diseases via awareness, research, and delivering patient-centered care at the Pepin Heart Institute.

This aligns with Life Guard Imaging’s mission of helping individuals and families live healthier lives. The brand is committed to helping people avoid losing loved ones due to heart disease, cancer, and other conditions.

Therefore, supporting the Pepin Family Foundation aligns with the brand’s goals and objectives. The 10th Annual Puttin for Pepin Golf Tournament is an event that will help the foundation take strides toward achieving one of its objectives. Together, Pepin and Life Guard Imaging help improve the lives of thousands.

How Puttin for Pepin Will Help Pepin Academies

The proceeds from Puttin for Pepin will help ensure that children with learning disabilities on all three Pepin Academies campuses receive the best education to equip them for better career opportunities. Students will have access to the school supplies they need to maximize learning and reach their full potential.

The campuses can provide a more supportive learning environment by providing teachers and students with all the materials necessary for enhanced learning.

Life Guard Imaging is a proud supporter of the 10th Annual Puttin for Pepin Golf Tournament because we believe wholeheartedly in Pepin’s cause of alleviating the burden of educating these students.

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