Legacy Imaging

Our Legacy Imaging offers individuals huge savings and peace of mind over many years. With this long-term preventive care approach you get annual scans for as little as a few dollars a day that are compared from year to year to catch changes in your body, often before the first symptoms are felt.

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Corporate Wellness

The cost of corporate healthcare and health insurance are quickly becoming unaffordable for businesses of all sizes. Our Corporate Wellness Plan is an affordable long-term care option that businesses can offer their employees alongside of or in place of traditional healthcare programs.

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Coronary Artery calcium score / Heart Scan


Our coronary artery calcium scan will detect and quantify calcium in the arteries of your heart, allowing you to know your risk for blockage and a potential life threatening heart attack.

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Lung Scan


Our lung scans can detect diseases early, particularly lung cancer while it is small and easily treatable. Nodules as small as 2mm are easily visualized.

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Abdominal / pelvis Scan


Our abdominal scan can check the condition of major organs including the liver, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas and kidneys. We can also detect vascular disease, issues with the bowel and occasionally degenerative disk disease.

Our pelvic scans take a closer look at the bladder, prostate, uterus and ovaries. This scan can detect bladder walls masses, stones, various cysts and other masses.

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Full Body Scan


A Full Body Scan provides a complete picture (from shoulders to base of pelvis) is a comprehensive scan that can detect issues with almost all the major organs.

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Our virtual colonography scan is a more thorough, less invasive alternative to the traditional colonoscopy. No anesthesia, dyes, or extensive penetration of a scope.

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Bone densitY


A CT Bone Density scan calculates your risk of breaking bones. A CT Bone Density scan uses x-rays via computed tomography to measure how many grams of calcium and other bone minerals are packed into a segment of bone. 

*This additional evaluation can be added onto our full body or lung scan. 

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Radiologist reading fee


Our Full Body scans are reviewed by our Board Certified Radiologists. These invaluable results are emailed to our patients for them to review with their medical professionals.

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what our patients are saying

Changing Lives Through Early Detection

“Great & Welcoming”

5 / 5

My wife and I had the complimentary heart scan done. The facility was great and welcoming and the staff were very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend getting the heart scan done for peace of mind.

“Lifeguard Imaging Is Amazing”

5 / 5

The whole check-in process to the scan itself and then the results! – could not have been more efficient. The entire staff there is very polite and very knowledgeable – makes you comfortable to know that you are in safe hands. I would not recommend any other place than Life Guard imaging for all your medical scanning needs in Tampa. This is my real experience at Life Guard. Thank you!

“The Overall Experience Was Outstanding!”

5 / 5

The personnel were very helpful, from answering question about the process to performing the scan. We highly recommend that everyone will have this procedure completed. Life Guard Imaging has made these medical studies available to everyone.