Savings Lives Through Early Detection

The work we do at Life Guard Imaging, saving lives through early detection, is very personal to us.

In January 1998, Dr. Benjamin J. Maldonado Jr. had what he described as “discomfort” in a region of his abdomen where the pancreas is located. Most people who aren’t medically inclined would have thought it was a cramp or indigestion. Having a scientific mind and knowing how deadly pancreatic diseases could be, he went to his Chief of Radiology and asked him to take some CT images to determine if something was visible.

The results produced nothing.

10 months later on November 3, 1998, Dr. Maldonado admitted himself into the very hospital where he was Chief of Staff and asked one of his associates to perform surgery to repair what they concluded must have been a ruptured diverticulum.

The findings from the procedure were tragic.

He had pancreatic cancer that had been missed during the CT scan due to the difficulty of detecting early tumors on traditional thick slice scanners. It had metastasized to the other organs within his abdomen. They ended the surgery as there was nothing that could be done.

Dr. Maldonado lost his battle 6 weeks later on December 18, 1998. He was my father, my hero and the finest man I have ever known. To this day, there is no screening like mammograms for early detection of pancreatic cancer. However, high accuracy, low dose radiation CT scanning using a machine like the one we use, has produced images that have found pancreatic cancer pre-stage one.

Lives are being saved using this detection methodology.

Our motivation is to save as many people as possible and prevent the tragedy of losing a loved one to these deadly diseases.

Life Guard Imaging is sending a portion of our revenues to the Dr. Benjamin J. Maldonado, Jr. Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research, the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society.

This horrible, deadly, terrifying disease along with all the other cancers and forms of heart disease that take millions of lives every year can be defeated if we just know about them early enough in the process.

By helping one person and one family at a time, we can fight these illnesses and help people live healthier, longer lives.

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