What is the Jason Ackerman Memorial Bowl-a-Thon?

The Jason Ackerman Memorial Bowl-a-Thon is a bowling and fundraising event organized by the Jason Ackerman Foundation. On August 28th, 2022, the foundation held the Jason Ackerman Memorial Bowl-a-Thon for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Life Guard Imaging joined other brands and participants for a day of fun, culminating in nearly $100,000 raised for the foundation.

Beyond the bowling, the 15th Annual Jason Ackerman Memorial Bowl-a-Thon featured a silent auction. Auctioned items on the day included memorabilia, jewelry, sporting event tickets, dinner dates with local athletes, and more.

The foundation’s goal is to support young people who face or have survived challenging situations by providing academic support, fun experiences, and more.

Why Life Guard Imaging Sponsored and Attended the 15th Annual Jason Ackerman Memorial Bowl-a-Thon

The Jason Ackerman Foundation supports and celebrates young people who are survivors of life-changing circumstances and health issues, including cancer, heart disease, and more. Since its establishment in 2011, the foundation has provided help to many pediatric cancer survivors.

Life Guard Imaging works with different bodies and charities to reduce the impact of these health conditions on individuals and families. Joining the Jason Ackerman Memorial Bowl-a-Thon was an opportunity to support an organization working hard to improve the lives of survivors.

Therefore, the company was proud to join the 15th Annual Jason Ackerman Memorial Bowl-a-Thon, playing an integral role on the day.

The event was a reminder of how much impact organizations such as Life Guard Imaging and the foundation can make on the lives of the local youth.

Who is Jason Ackerman?

Jason Ackerman was a Carrollwood resident who passed away in 2011. The foundation was formed and named after him by people who knew him personally.

Some of the organization’s core ethos of love for family and academics and a willingness to help are a reflection of Jason’s character.

How the Proceeds from the Bowl-a-Thon Can Help the Jason Ackerman Foundation

The Jason Ackerman Foundation has processed more than 333 scholarships, totaling $1.3 million to local teens in the last 15 years. The bulk of the funds come from the proceeds of the Bowl-a-Thon. The scholarships to local teens help relieve the mental stress of financial obligations.

They also offer encouragement and a new lease on life to the recipients and their family members.

The scholarships are for undergraduate degrees from public universities, community colleges, colleges, vocational/technical schools, and other approved programs. Students receive a scholarship covering the entire program duration.

Candidates for the Jason Ackerman Foundation scholarship are young people who are:

  • Survivors of a life-altering illness or other circumstances under the age of 21
  • Current legal residents of Florida
  • Admitted to an accredited college, university, technical school, or community college within the school
  • Holders of a minimum 2.5 GPA

The foundation pays out all checks directly to the recipient institution. Every year, 35-40 students benefit from the foundation’s scholarships.

Life Guard Imaging is proud to have supported the 15th Annual Jason Ackerman Memorial Bowl-a-Thon.



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