What Is the Lou Piniella Golf Classic?

The Lou Piniella Golf Classic is a two-day event that begins with a dinner and ends with a golf tournament. Participants take part in the competition for a chance to win symbolic prizes and local bragging rights. The event’s proceeds help support the ministries and missions of SCORE International.

SCORE International, led by John Zeller, organizes outreaches locally and internationally. The organization’s reach extends to North America, South America, and Africa.

Participants at the Lou Piniella Golf Classic can elect to attend only the golf tournament, but many often take part in the pre-tournament dinner. Life Guard Imaging is proud to be a donor and participant.

The event takes place at the Carrollwood Country Club, Tampa, FL.

Why Life Guard Imaging is Sponsoring and Participating in the Lou Piniella Golf Classic

SCORE International embarks on medical and dental missions to various underserved parts of the world.

The team on these missions includes:

  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Dental hygienists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Physicians Assistants
  • Optometrists
  • Dentists

These experts work together to bring medical help to people who cannot afford professional medical treatment otherwise. The mission of spreading hope and healing through these missions resonates with Life Guard Imaging’s vision of helping end cancer and heart disease.

The company is constantly looking for new ways to reduce the impact of ailments and diseases on individuals and families. Supporting SCORE International allows it to expand its reach, helping more people access the medical help they need.

Aside from the medical missions, SCORE International has a list of other programs geared toward improving the lives of underprivileged and vulnerable individuals. Life Guard Imaging is happy to support the organization by sponsoring the Lou Piniella Golf Classic and being present at the dinner event.



How the Proceeds from the Lou Piniella Golf Classic Can Help SCORE International

SCORE International does a lot of impactful work across the globe. The proceeds from this tournament will help the organization get closer to its set goals and objectives. Here are some ways the proceeds from the Lou Piniella Golf Classic can help:

  • Sponsoring the New Hope Ministries. The New Hope Ministries helps train local baseball players in the Dominican Republic. The ministry sponsors the young players through school, ensuring they are academically, spiritually, and professionally sound.
  • Church planting in Central America. SCORE International is on a church planting drive across Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. They train local preachers and provide Christian literature in regional languages across these communities.
  • Women Development. SCORE International meets women’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs worldwide through the Lily House program. The program empowers women with critical life skills to help them better their lives.
  • International Missions and Outreach. SCORE International embarks on outreaches worldwide, covering countries like Honduras, Panama, Zambia, Haiti, Cuba, South Africa, and more. The mission focuses on solving problems in the local community in the best way possible.

Life Guard Imaging is happy to contribute to SCORE International’s success by sponsoring and participating in the Lou Piniella Golf Classic.

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