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Our scans are performed by our Registered CT Technologists and read by our Board Certified Medical Doctors of Radiology

Invaluable information from our scans help our patients to stay on top of their health.

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By knowing what may be developing inside their bodies, our patients, along with their health care professionals, can take the necessary steps to treat these deadly diseases. Our certified technician will guide you through the process and ensure you have a comfortable and pleasant experience. Our licensed, board-certified radiologist will review your images and personalize a report for you to share with your physician.

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  • High-Accuracy CT Scanner

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Frequently Asked Questions

We scan from the shoulders to the base of the pelvis. We do not scan limbs. We are looking at all of your vital internal organs for any abnormalities.

All our scans are unenhanced/ non-contrast with no dyes, needles or injectables.

We typically ask that you are here 10-15 minutes before your appointment time to fill out any pre-appointment paperwork.

Our coronary artery calcium scores are scored by our Certified CT technologists. They measure calcium blockage/ build up located in the four main coronary arteries by area per square mm using the Agaston Scoring system.

Please be sure to bring your stent card for the technologist. Because our scans are noninvasive, we need to know the location of prior stents in order to provide you with accurate scoring results.

If you have multiple stents in three to four main arteries, you may not be a candidate for this exam due to it being noninvasive and only visualizing the area. Scoring accuracy may be limited since calcium and stents appear similar when visualized under CT.

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover our scans. Insurance will cover evaluations that are requested when patients have symptoms and tragically that’s often when it’s too late. Our patients are scanning preemptive to symptomatic conditions to find these deadly diseases at the earliest possible time.

Our scans take between 5-8 minutes, but along with a consultation, we do ask that you allow 1 to 1.5 hours for your total appointment time.

All our scans are performed by a registered CT Technologist licensed in the state of Florida.

Coronary artery calcium score approx. 9 CTDI

Lung screen Scan approx. 14 CTDI

Full Body Scan approx. 18 CTDI

Virtual Colonography approx. 30 CTDI

By utilizing our i-dose, low-dose radiation software, our scanner delivers the lowest radiation needed to obtain an optimal diagnostic result.

The above averages are approx. due to being weight based per patient. These are for an average size adult.

If you would like a dose report those are available, just ask your technologist after your scan.

Our scans are read by our Board-Certified Radiologists.

Because our scans are noninvasive, anyone who has undergone a CABG-Coronary artery bypass graft will not be able to partake in our Coronary Artery calcium score scan. Due to inaccuracy in scoring/ obscured information from post-surgical changes.

High-Accuracy CT Scanner Imaging

CT Scan Images

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“Great & Welcoming”

5 / 5

My wife and I had the complimentary heart scan done. The facility was great and welcoming and the staff were very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend getting the heart scan done for peace of mind.

“Lifeguard Imaging Is Amazing”

5 / 5

The whole check-in process to the scan itself and then the results! – could not have been more efficient. The entire staff there is very polite and very knowledgeable – makes you comfortable to know that you are in safe hands. I would not recommend any other place than Life Guard imaging for all your medical scanning needs in Tampa. This is my real experience at Life Guard. Thank you!

“The Overall Experience Was Outstanding!”

5 / 5

The personnel were very helpful, from answering question about the process to performing the scan. We highly recommend that everyone will have this procedure completed. Life Guard Imaging has made these medical studies available to everyone.