Full Body Scan


Uncover Abnormalities & Changes That Occur In Vital Organs

  • Combines the capabilities of all of our scans (except the Virtual Colonoscopy) into one simple and quick scan

  • Get your heart scan “score” along with early detection of various cancers, diseases and infections

  • Ask about our Legacy Imaging which monitors changes that can occur within the torsos of our patients from year to year.

Full Body Scans Provide The Most Comprehensive Imaging Solution For Long-term Preventative Care

Our Full Body scans produce detailed images of the vital internal organs from the shoulders to the base of the pelvis  Many abnormalities in the chest, abdomen and pelvis can be detected well before any symptoms are present. These scans offer patients the most peace of mind and are the best solution for overall long-term preventative care.

Some of the conditions and diseases that can be detected on a body scan include: various lung cancers, hiatal hernia, compression fractures, breast cancers (not a replacement for annual mammograms), many liver tumors, spleen enlargement and tumors, gallstones, bile duct stones, kidney stones, kidney tumors, diverticulosis, degenerative disk disease (must be evaluated with MRI), uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, prostate enlargement and calcifications, bladders masses and more. This is not an all inclusive lists, but covers many of the main conditions that can be detected.

*Many does not mean all. There are some tumors in the abdomen and pelvis that cannot be seen with CT screening, but can be detected when intravenous contrast is used (we do not offer this service.) Other tumors are only seen on ultrasound or MRI.

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