Virtual Colonoscopy


A More Thorough, Less Invasive Alternative

  • Virtual Colonoscopy uses CT scanning to obtain an interior view of the colon

  • Minimally invasive (2.5″ insertion) with no anesthesia. Drive yourself to and from your appointment.

  • Detects polyps and potential masses

Virtual colonoscopies (CT colonoscopies) are an excellent alternative to conventional colonoscopies.

Virtual colonoscopies are a more thorough, less invasive form of the traditional colonoscopy because there’s only a 2.5″insertion. The danger of tearing of perforating the colon walls is removed and because it’s minimally invasive there’s no need for anesthesia, eliminating another potential risk.

The images produced from this scan are reviewed by our Board Certified Radiologist and a reports are created for our patients to share with their physicians.

There is the need to prep for this examination. We recommend consulting with your primary care physician as they may have certain requirements for you to follow.

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