What is the Bespoke & Co. Fashion Show?

The Bespoke & Co. Fashion Show is an annual event that brings fashion enthusiasts together for a fun night of clothing and charity. During the event, Bespoke & Co. clients show off their custom clothing, and the company shows off new custom designs.

Entertainment options during the event include casino games, music, stand-up comedy, and more. There are silent and live auctions, and each guest receives a gift bag. Proceeds go to charities around the country, including the American Cancer Society. Life Guard Imaging supports the Bespoke & Co. Fashion Show to benefit the American Cancer Society.

The event takes place on September 30th at Armature Works, Tampa, FL.


Why Life Guard Imaging Sponsors the Bespoke & Co. Fashion Show

Life Guard Imaging supports the Bespoke & Co. Fashion Show to benefit the American Cancer Society. The two companies’ missions are perfectly in-sync.

Over the last century, the American Cancer Society’s work has centered around finding a cure for cancer and improving patients’ lives by sponsoring the brightest minds in the industry.

The organization uses several channels to provide information on cancer detection and treatment.

The American Cancer Society’s ethos matches Life Guard Imaging’s mission of reducing the number of fatalities due to cancer and heart disease. By sponsoring the event, Life Guard Imaging continues to contribute toward a healthier world on multiple fronts.

Bespoke & Co. benefits from the event through increased awareness of the brand’s products and services. Thus, Life Guard Imaging contributes to the sustainability of a local cancer-research-friendly fashion company.

How the Proceeds from the Bespoke & Co. Fashion Show Can Help the American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society relies on donations to improve and save the lives of people battling all types of cancer. It uses the donations to build a support system for the patients in the following ways:

· Investing in cancer research. The association funds and researches improved cancer treatment, prevention, and detection methods. It also funds research into cancer patient care.

· Patient support programs. The Society invests millions of dollars annually into patient support programs. These initiatives help reduce the impact of cancer on patients and their families.

· Cancer prevention education. The cancer prevention education programs provide health professionals and the general public with the education and information they need to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. The education drives reach online and offline audiences through diverse channels.

· Early cancer detection and treatment. The association funds research into alternative ways of detecting cancer long before it gets to the stage where the typical imaging machinery can pick it up.

In the 2020 fiscal year, the American Cancer Society invested $583m across the four categories above. The amount was 76% of the total donations it received from donors like Bespoke & Co.

Sponsoring the Bespoke & Co. Fashion Show to benefit the American Cancer Society is part of Life Guard Imaging’s wider contribution to a healthier world.

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