Services We Offer

Saving Lives Through Early Detection
Life Guard Imaging uses a low radiation, high resolution CT scanner to detect heart disease and different forms of cancer before our patients have any symptoms. Through this early detection, lives are being saved and changed for the better.

Heart Scan

Our coronary artery calcium scan will detect and quantify calcium in the arteries of your heart, allowing you to know your risk for blockage and a potential life threating heart attack

Lungs Scan

Our lung scans can detect diseases early, particularly lung cancer while it is small and easily treatable. Nodules as small as 2mm are easily visualized.

Body Scan

Our annual full-body scans can uncover abnormalities and changes that occur in the vital organs of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. As with any illness, early detection is critical.

Virtual Colonoscopy

Our virtual colonography scan is a more thorough, less invasive alternative to the traditional colonoscopy. No anesthesia, dyes, or extensive penetration of a scope.